Noise Impact Assessment Services

The majority of developments will require noise impact assessments to support the planning application or discharge existing planning conditions.

For residential, healthcare and educational developments this typically requires carrying out assessments of existing transportation, commercial and industrial noise sources upon the proposed development.

For transportation, commercial and industrial developments this typically requires the assessments of proposed noise sources, such as road traffic or traffic noise, upon existing noise sensitive receptors.

What Do Noise Impact Assessments Involve?

The process of noise impact assessment typically comprises:

  • Review of proposals;
  • Contact with the Local Authority in order to determine their acoustic design requirements for both the noise survey and assessment;
  • Undertaking the noise survey;
  • Undertaking the assessment;
  • Comparison of the results to the requirements;
  • Proposal of mitigation measures if required in order to achieve the requirements;
  • Issue of report.

The noise survey is likely to comprise either a manned survey over critical periods or an unmanned survey over a 24 hour or weekend period.

The impact assessment may involve the use of noise mapping and/or detailed calculations in order to determine the magnitude of the impact.

Mitigating measures may include revised site layout, acoustic barriers, secondary glazing, attenuated/mechanical ventilation, acoustic attenuators, acoustic louvres or enclosures.

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