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Lighthouse Acoustics offer noise surveys in Manchester including operational noise surveys, demolition noise mapping and construction noise surveys. Noise mapping is an important part of the process when it comes to planning for new developments or redevelopments where noise levels are a concern. Our experts can provide detailed reports on noise levels as well as suggestions on how to reduce them. We also offer advice and information about the regulations that affect noise emissions in the UK.

Environmental noise surveys are typically carried out to assess noise levels in the local environment and provide advice on how noise can be managed. We also offer a full range of acoustic consulting services for developers, architects and councils including design reviews, noise assessments & noise modelling. Contact us today to find out more about our comprehensive survey solutions that cover Manchester and North West, UK.

What is an Environmental Noise Survey?

Environmental noise surveys are performed following the latest regulations in order to meet your area’s environmental criteria. This noise survey gives an overview of noise levels in the local environment and offers advice on how noise can be managed.

A noise survey is carried out to ensure compliance with noise limits set out in noise management plans. It is also a tool by which noise sources can be identified and controlled, minimising the need for enforcement action.

Operational noise surveys in Manchester are often required to establish the level of noise associated with the operation of an item of equipment or a particular activity. Examples of where this may be required include:

  • Building services plant items;
  • Loading bays and distribution hubs;
  • Entertainment venues;
  • Industrial premises;
  • Sports facilities.

This data may then be used in subsequent noise impact assessments for proposed developments or to demonstrate compliance with noise requirements. Lighthouse Acoustics are able to advise on the most appropriate type of noise survey required and are able to offer a quick turnaround of both survey and report.

Environmental Noise Surveys

Background or ambient environmental noise levels often need to be established prior to a development commencing in order to assess the impact of the development upon existing noise sensitive receptors or the impact upon the development itself. Examples of where this may be required include:

  • Residential developments;
  • Retail & Leisure developments;
  • Commercial developments;
  • Educational developments;
  • Health care developments;
  • Industrial developments;
  • Transportation links;
  • Renewable energy installations.

Depending on the proposals and site location either a manned survey over critical periods or an unmanned survey over a 24 hour or weekend period may be required.

Demolition & Construction Noise Monitoring

Noise monitoring during demolition or construction works is often required to demonstrate compliance with noise requirements at noise sensitive receptors. Depending on the nature of the works short term or long term monitoring may be appropriate.

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