Importance of Sound Testing in Building Regulations

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When sound testing became part of the building regulations, it was a necessary step in ensuring that everyone would have access to buildings. The construction industry has been known for not including everyone’s needs when designing their buildings which is why developers are now required to adhere to these standards when constructing new structures. This […]

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What are the Different Types of Noise Surveys?

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Noise surveys are a common way to measure and control noise pollution. There is no one standard for all noise surveys, there are many different types of noise surveys that can be done depending on the type of sound you’re trying to measure. In this blog post, we will discuss residential, construction, industrial, Breeam and […]

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BS 8233:2014 Guidance on Sound Insulation

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BS 8233:2014 offers guidance for assessing noise levels having an impact on a site in terms of the required ventilation strategies, building envelope and external glazing. It offers guidance for the control of noise both within and external to buildings whilst defining what is acceptable in different environments. When planning for a new building, a […]

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Noise Impacts: What You Need To Know

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As one of our five senses, hearing is extremely important. Our ears are sensitive and care must be taken to prevent damage, as when it’s incurred, it’s almost always irreversible. In industries where a significant amount of noise is generated, it’s important to minimise these risks. These industries include demolition and construction, but also many […]

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Some of the Best Soundproofing Products on the Market

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Like any other product category, there are literally hundreds of different manufacturers of soundproofing products. Some are naturally better than others and it is important to know the differences if you hope to purchase professional-grade acoustic products. For the sake of brevity, we will break this article down into a few sections in order to […]

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What Does A Noise Impact Assessment Report Consist Of

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What Does a Noise Impact Assessment Report Entail? There are some people who may take for granted the amount of noise which an environment can have. For example, within the construction or deomlition sectors, there is likely to be an excessive amount of noise coming from drilling, building and machinery. The most effective solution for […]

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The Sound Testing Process

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Knowing how much sound there is – The sound testing process No-one likes noisy neighbours. Whether it’s a home, a hotel room or other type of residential dwelling involved, too much noise can be disturbing. Sound testing makes it possible to test the level of noise coming from adjoining buildings.

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Importance of Vibration Assessments

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The Importance of Having Vibration Assessments Construction works around the world are on the rise – with the aim of economically having structures in place that can aid in development.

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The Noise Survey Process

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A noise survey typically involves taking noise measurements throughout a whole plant or a specific section for the purpose of identifying areas that are noisy.

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Guidelines for an Environmental Noise Impact Assessment

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The noise impact on the environment is subjected to test through survey conduction. Various factors, as well as objects, can serve as the basis of noise. That includes winds caused noise, moving vehicles or even industrial machine noises. The sound, as well as their impacts assessment results, is prepared using the British open set standards.

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