What are the Different Types of Noise Surveys?

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Noise surveys are a common way to measure and control noise pollution. There is no one standard for all noise surveys, there are many different types of noise surveys that can be done depending on the type of sound you’re trying to measure. In this blog post, we will discuss residential, construction, industrial, Breeam and more!

noise surveysNoise surveys are an important part of many projects. They are a key component of the design process and can be used to assess the impact on local communities or help determine if construction noise will cause problems for nearby residents. Noise surveys may also be needed in order for developers to get planning consent but there are different types of noise assessments that you need to understand before making any decisions on which type is right for your project.

The first type of noise survey you may need to take is a residential noise assessment. This involves measuring the impact that different sound levels will have on those living nearby. These types of surveys are usually done at night, as this is when people tend to sleep and so can be impacted most by loud noises. The results from these measurements would then be used to set limits on the noise levels that can occur during different times of day.

Construction work is another main source of noise, so a construction site assessment would need to be done for people living nearby not to be disturbed by this. Again, these types of surveys are usually carried out at night when things tend to get quieter and so the noise can be measured more accurately.

Industrial noise surveys would also need to take place for people living nearby not to be disturbed by loud noises from this source, such as factory work or other industrial machinery. The results of these measurements are used to set limits on how much sound is allowed at different times of day and night.

There are other types of noise surveys that can be carried out, such as vibration and environmental noise surveys. Vibration is a type of survey required when considering the effect vibrations from certain sources may have on neighbouring properties or buildings. This could include railways or heavy machinery operating close to people’s homes for example. An environmental noise survey includes measurements of both noise levels and land use. This survey is required to determine whether or not a development proposal will contribute increased noise for example, so that the effects can be taken into consideration in planning decisions made by Local Planning Authorities.

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