How Often Are Noise Surveys Required?

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At Lighthouse Acoustics we offer noise surveys for a variety of purposes and clients. From environmental noise surveys to operational noise surveys, our noise surveys can help to ensure businesses and individuals are working in compliance with existing regulations and to provide valuable data when assessing the impact that noise may have on upcoming developments and activities.

Noise surveysHow often noise surveys are required will depend upon the industry you’re operating in as well as more specific circumstances. We conduct noise surveys for a range of businesses and clients including developers, entertainment venues, sports facilities, construction companies, and loading bays. There is no easy rule of thumb for how often noise surveys should be conducted, but let’s have a look at some of the scenarios in which a fresh noise survey should be considered.

Noise surveys for after a significant change in operation

Whenever your last noise survey was conducted, it’s only really valid for as long as your working environment and processes stay the same. Whenever anything significant changes, you may need to consider undertaking a new survey. This can include changes in working practices, changes in the machines and technology being used onsite, and changes in workers’ shift patterns.

Noise surveys at the first sign of a problem

Likewise, it’s important to be honest with yourself if you spot any indications that noise levels may be growing excessive. One such indication would be if audiometry testing shows that employees have seen significant deterioration in their hearing; while this may be nothing to do with the workplace, it’s important to conduct a new noise survey to rule this possibility out. You should also conduct a new survey if you are made aware of new techniques and methods which should be applied to greater control the levels of noise in your operations.

Noise surveys before the commencement of a new development

Just as it’s important to conduct a noise survey after a significant change, it can sometimes be necessary to conduct a survey before a significant change, such as before commencing the building of new developments. An environmental noise survey can be used to assess the impact that the development will make upon existing noise receptors in the nearby vicinity. This is relevant in most kinds of urban development including residential developments, industrial developments, commercial developments, retail developments, and more.

Noise surveys during construction and demolition

Construction and demolition of large structures and buildings can be very noisy business, and as such can require close monitoring of noise. In some cases, long term noise monitoring may be necessary if the work is ongoing for a long period of time and noise levels may vary.

If you think you may be in need of a new noise survey, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Lighthouse Acoustics either by phone on 0161 457 0515 or by email at We’re happy to have an informal chat with you to determine whether a noise survey is required.

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