Why Publicans Need Acoustic Consultants

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How acoustic consultants can help to keep your pub going

In the United Kingdom, 21 pubs a week face closure. As well as Pubcos’ sales (estate agents with beer, basically) targets and rents, and antisocial behaviour, noise is another reason why public houses close. More than ever, taking on the services of an acoustic consultants makes for good business practice.

A Sound Investment: whether renewing or applying for a new licence, hiring an acoustic consultants with a noise impact assessment report is a sensible idea. Image by Mubus7 (via Shutterstock).In many pubs, you now see a sign which reads “please respect the neighbours”, or something else along these lines. Usually, they are placed on the exit door, or the back door leading to the smokers’ area. In other words, it states you should leave the pub quietly with good grace. Why is this important? You may have come across an instrument known as a Noise Abatement Notice. Breaching one could see the loss of your licence.

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, local authorities must act upon complaints about noise, which could be seen as a statutory nuisance. Under the Act, it is illegal to use loudspeakers in the street for any purpose from 9pm to 8am. A Noise Abatement Notice can be served on a publican or the manager of a pub company. If a public house held karaoke nights on Sunday, or has rock bands on at Friday nights, they might be required to finish early or keep the volume down. Acoustic Consultants could be called to improve the sound insulation of the pub.

Plus, acoustic consultants come into their own if publicans choose to vary the pub’s opening times. They form an important part in applying for entertainment licences. We at Lighthouse Acoustics can help publicans too. If you’re applying for an entertainment licence or wish to convert a shop unit to a micropub, we can do a noise impact assessment prior to submitting the plans.

Part of a noise impact assessment includes considering the use of acoustic barriers, ideal for outdoor seating and smoking areas. It also takes into account possible background noise from televised sports events, live music and karaoke nights. Where possible, the noise of customers’ cars and taxis approaching the pub.

If you wish to apply for a new licence or vary your licensing hours, hiring an acoustic consultants can be a useful ally. Especially if your pub has live music, or happens to be in a quiet part of town.

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