Acoustic Engineering for Retail Premises

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In this article, we look at the main reasons why acoustic engineering is a must for shopping centres, superstores, and retail parks. Without acoustic engineering, the amount of noise from any shopping development would be unbearable. The noise from passing road traffic is enough to drive anyone around the bend. Shoppers wouldn’t be able to chat to each other. A development without screening plants would be bad for noise and carbon fumes. Lorries pulling in and reversing out could also be disorientating to the shopper or employee.

Acoustic engineering for retail image by1000 Words (via Shutterstock).

Acoustic engineering for retail matters, especially where neighbourhoods are concerned. Image by 1000 Words (via Shutterstock).

The need for acoustic engineering is important for retail developments. It improves the overall ambience for shoppers and employees alike. Which is why an Environmental Noise Survey needs to be done before the first sod of grass is cut. To allow for the influx of lorries and commercial vehicles, an Operational Noise Survey needs to be conducted.

With our Noise Mapping Services, a Proposed Noise Source test is important to the success of any retail development. For example: in-store background music; the noise of fork lift trucks and power tools in a DIY store chain’s superstore. Also the noise of cars pulling into a drive-thru fast food restaurant.

We at Lighthouse Acoustics have offered acoustic engineering services for many retail developments. Our portfolio includes countless superstores and edge of town retail parks. One example of our work was the Black Lane retail development in Macclesfield. The Cheshire town’s Tesco store is just off the A523; along its busiest section that is known as The Silk Road. Besides busy road traffic, background noise from passing trains is another issue.

If you have any further queries about our acoustic engineering services, give us a bell on 0161 457 0515 or 07415 151901. We’ll be happy to hear from you, and we’ll respond to your calls in no time at all.

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