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How Lighthouse Acoustics helped with the Godiva Place project in Coventry

As part of Coventry University’s expansion, the need for more student accommodation is a must. The latest addition will be Godiva Place, a scheme directly north-east of the city’s ring road. Funded by Aviva Investors, the five block scheme will have 770 bedrooms with blocks ranging from four to nine storeys. The complex will be built on the site of Norman Hay plc who are moving to new, larger premises.

Coventry Cathedral image by Claudio Divizia (via Shutterstock).

Coventry Cathedral image by Claudio Divizia (via Shutterstock).

Lighthouse Acoustics have undertaken environmental noise surveys. In this case, they are necessary for Godiva Place. The proposed student accommodation block on Lower Ford Street is just off Coventry’s Ringway at its Whitefriars end. Therefore, traffic noise is an issue without acoustic screening, especially if students need a good night’s sleep prior to lectures.

Traffic noise also formed part of our sound insulation testing. This enabled our partners, Aviva Investors, to consider appropriate screening for the 770-bed complex.

Another factor of any demolition or construction project is vibration, again true with the residents on Lower Ford Street and Alma Street.

About the Godiva Place site

The Godiva Place site is close to the Coventry University campus on Gosforth Street. It is also close to the Victoria Hall halls of residence on Alma Street.

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